Minimum Wage as the Main Culprit of Child Poverty

Daily Kenoshan, Oct 20 2009
One in seven children in Wisconsin lives in poverty. Poverty decreases academic achievement, increases health risks (due to inadequate housing and medical coverage), and decreases factors that usually protect children. The main culprit of child poverty: minimum wage.

The national minimum wage rose from $6.55 per hour to $7.25—and critics complain that increasing minimum wage increases layoffs. However, according to Holly Sklar, claims that states that raise their minimum wage above the federal level showed increased employment.

Will minimum wage raise help?

By John Krerowicz
Kenosha News, Jul 24 2009
Some fear move will prolong recession

Today’s federal minimum wage increase is an unwanted visitor, according to restaurant owner Ken Anderson.

“This is one of the worst times it could possibly come,” said Anderson of Andy’s Drive-in, 2929 Roosevelt Road. “It might mean I’m not going to hire or not be as willing to hire.”

The federal minimum wage rises 70 cents, to $7.25 per hour from $6.55 for those 18 and older in non-agricultural jobs.

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