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Labor Day Networking: Five Campaigns to Raise the Minimum Wage

By Tom Watson
Forbes, Sep 3 2012
On Labor Day 1978, I started my first minimum wage job, making $2.65 an hour at the local supermarket stocking shelves and bagging groceries, and driving a battered Buick Skylark to work after school that fall with Darkness on the Edge of Town in permanent residence on the 8-track.

Church raises awareness for minimum wage workers

Disciples News Service, Sep 1 2012
On June 15, Rev. Jennifer Hope Kottler  of The Park (Park Avenue Christian Church, NY) spoke out in support of an increase in  New York state's minimum wage and emceed a press conference.

A group of clergy, elected officials, workers and representatives of the business community called on the governor and the state senate to pass an increase in the NY State minimum wage. The bill had been passed by the NY State Assembly in May.

Speak Up New York!

By Molly Benoit
Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, Aug 31 2012
Reform Jewish Voice of New York State is excited to announce our first annual Advocacy Month! In previous years, we have provided resources and asked congregations to set aside a Shabbat service in the fall to discuss a specific public policy initiative with their congregants. To provide more flexibility for congregations and rabbis who have busy schedules, RJV has turned our Advocacy Shabbat into Advocacy Month.

Take Action June 15 to Raise New York Minimum Wage

Jun 14 2012

This week’s terrific actions for raising the minimum wage culminate with an important event in New York City, Friday, June 15 - full information below. In addition, this is a critical time to make your voice heard in the following ways if you have not already done so. Thank you for everything you are doing!

Three Ways You Can Help Raise New York Minimum Wage Now

Jun 7 2012

The movement for raising New York’s minimum wage is strong and growing. The next two weeks are critical. Here are three ways you can help now:

► Spread the word about the June 13 Interfaith Service to Urge Gov. Cuomo to Raise Minimum Wage – More information below.

► Sign and/or Circulate the sign-on letters for faith leaders, business people, civil society organizations and the general public:

Raise New York's Minimum Wage

May 22 2012

New York’s minimum wage is still stuck at $7.25 an hour – just $15,080 for full-time, year-round work. It is too low for health aides, cashiers, childcare workers, restaurant workers, security guards and other minimum wage workers to make ends meet. It’s impoverishing workers and undermining New York’s economy. New York lags behind 18 states – including neighboring Connecticut and Vermont – that have already raised their minimum wages above $7.25.

Fair Wages for New Yorkers Campaign

Dec 27 2011
New York City’s existing living wage law applies to workers at businesses performing certain types of contracts for the city. The Fair Wages for New Yorkers Act will extend living wage protections to workers on subsidized development projects. In the words of the Living Wage NYC campaign, “Every year, New York City spends billions of taxpayer dollars to subsidize economic development and create new jobs – funding everything from the Bronx Gateway Mall and Yankee Stadium, to the new Goldman Sachs building and the redevelopment of Coney Island. But too often, the jobs created with these public subsidies pay poverty wages with no benefits – whether it’s retail and stockroom jobs at shopping centers, mailroom and security guard jobs in office buildings, or food service jobs at stadiums. By contrast, other cities such as Pittsburgh and Los Angeles require fair wages on many of their subsidized projects.”

A Living Wage, Long Overdue

New York Times, Dec 25 2011
New York City provides hundreds of millions of dollars a year in taxpayer-financed subsidies to private developers. It is only right that the jobs created by those projects pay a decent wage. The Fair Wages for New Yorkers Act, widely known as the living-wage bill, would nudge these employers in the right direction.

In Gilded City, Living Wage Proposal Still Stirs Fears

By Michael Powell
New York Times, Dec 19 2011
Let’s slip into our Louis Vuitton shoes and take a gilded stroll through Manhattan.

We begin downtown, where Goldman Sachs, that exemplar of 0.001 percent America, reaps a multimillion-dollar tax break for its office tower, a deal accompanied by a multimillion-dollar landscaping clause. (You expected Lloyd C. Blankfein to yank weeds, maybe?)

In Midtown, we can draw money from an A.T.M. in the richly subsidized Bank of America tower, and skip over to Ernst & Young, where public tax dollars have underwritten a smashing skyscraper.
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