Great divide is growing

By  Eileen McNamara
Globe Newspaper Company, Dec 3 2006
Half of a pittance is still a pittance, so please hold the parade for the part-time governor and full-time presidential aspirant who called in from the campaign trail to restore 50 percent of the promised pay raise he stole from underpaid human services workers in Massachusetts this festive season.

Governor Mitt Romney's quick reversal of millions of dollars in budget cuts on Friday exposed the deceit at the heart of his "emergency" action last month: There was no emergency.

For workers, a step toward managing

By Brenda J. Buote
Boston Globe, Aug 6 2006
Throughout Boston's northern suburbs, thousands of low-wage workers are celebrating news that they will soon see a boost in their paychecks, thanks to the Legislature's support last week of a minimum wage increase.

``My hope is that this pay raise will allow families to better their lives," said Karen Arsenault of Lynn, 36, a single mother who now earns $7.75 an hour as a housekeeper.

Minimum wage hike veto rejected

By Lisa Wangsness and Cristina Silva
Boston Globe, Aug 1 2006

Romney overridden by una

Proud of wage hike

Letter to the Editor
By Rep. Carl Sciortino, D-Medford
Somerville Journal , Jul 20 2006
I am proud to say that the Legislature has approved an increase in the minimum wage to $8 per hour, which will provide approximately $2,600 of additional annual income for minimum wage employees by January 2008.

In modern society, it is supposed to be true that workers get a fair day's pay for a fair day's work. If you work hard, you are supposed to be able to provide for yourself and your family. Unfortunately, too many workers must work multiple jobs, often at a minimum wage, just to survive.

Wage increase would benefit 36,000 locals

By Matt Carroll
Boston Globe, Jul 20 2006
If the minimum wage bill passed by the state Legislature becomes law, it would boost the paychecks of at least 36,000 workers in the region south of Boston , according to a study by the non profit Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center .

The legislation -- which raises the minimum wage from $6.75 to $8 an hour -- was sitting this week on Governor Mitt Romney's desk. Romney has until Sunday to either sign or veto the bill; if he does nothing, it automatically becomes law.

Deal is set on minimum wage hike

By Russell Nichols
Boston Globe, Jul 7 2006
State accord would raise rate to $8 in '08

The state minimum wage would increase to $8 an hour over the next two years under a deal reached yesterday by legislative negotiators that would provide raises to more than 300,000 workers and would probably give Massachusetts the highest rate in the country in 2008.

House backs minimum wage raise to $8

By Andrea Estes
Boston Globe, Jun 30 2006
House lawmakers yesterday unanimously voted to raise the minimum wage to $8 an hour, one of the highest in the country, but rejected a push to tie future increases to the cost of living.

The bill moves today to the Senate, which has already approved a measure that would increase the minimum wage to $8.25 an hour, the highest in the country, and would offer automatic increases tied to the urban consumer price index.

Vote on minimum wage postponed

By Russell Nichols
Boston Globe, Jun 22 2006
House is confronted with threat from labor

The House postponed voting on a minimum wage bill yesterday, after one of the state's most powerful labor unions threatened to hold off endorsements of legislators unless they passed an acceptable version of the measure before 10 this morning.

Toward an $8.25 minimum

Boston Globe, Jun 20 2006
THE MASSACHUSETTS House will decide this week whether workers at the bottom of the economy will be able to fight back against inflation. It ought to support an increase in the state minimum wage to $8.25 and index future increases to rises in the cost of living.

The House will be considering a proposal advanced by Representative Michael Rodrigues, Democrat of Westport, that would raise the minimum wage to $7.75 an hour. It hasn't been increased since 1999, when it was set at $6.75.

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