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Faith Leader Letter With Endorsement Form

Download to make hard copies to display and circulate.
Jul 1 2009

A Stealthy Stimulus: How boosting the minimum wage is helping to stimulate the economy

Three-step increase in the minimum wage is adding billions of dollars to consumer spending and stimulating the economy.
May 28 2009
Economic Policy Institute

Resources for Living Wage Worship Services and Community Events

Resources for Living Wage Worship Services and Community Events, 3rd edition, is a comprehensive tool kit for congregations and community organizations.
Nov 23 2008
Let Justice Roll

A Just Minimum Wage: Good For Workers, Business and Our Future

Makes a powerful economic and ethical case for raising the minimum wage and moving the United States from a low-road economy to the high road. Counters all the arguments against raising the minimum and offers vital insight into why the minimum wage is so important.

Holly Sklar and Paul Sherry
Nov 15 2005
Let Justice Roll

A Brief History of the Minimum Wage

By Laura Fitzpatrick
Time Magazine, Jul 24 2009

With the U.S. trillions of dollars in the hole, 70 cents an hour sounds like chump change. But it's a big boost for the millions of workers who earn that much extra as of July 24. The increase is the third and final uptick in a hike that has since 2007 boosted the federal minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.25.

Slow Progress for Fast-Food Workers

By  John Schmitt and Janelle Jones
Center for Economic and Policy Research, Aug 7 2013
Most fast food workers are adults with a high school degree or more "which you would never guess from the way the industry pays." Timely new report on fast food pay and workforce composition from the Center for Economic and Policy Research.

Minimum Wage Same for Four Years

Institute for Public Accuracy, Jul 24 2013

Today marks the fourth anniversary of the last increase in the federal minimum wage, on July 24, 2009. ...  Rev. Stephen Copley, Director of the Arkansas Interfaith Alliance and chair of the national nonpartisan Let Justice Roll Living Wage Coalition said: “It is immoral that the minimum wage is worth less, adjusted for inflation, than the over $10 value it had in 1968, the year the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed in Memphis while fighting for living wages. We cannot wait another year.

July 24th: National Day of Action to Raise the Minimum Wage

By Shaya French
Massachusetts Kids Count Blog, Jul 24 2013

When we talk about the minimum wage, the conversation is often about working adults and leaves out the children in Massachusetts who are also being supported on $8.00 an hour. According to the Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center, about one in five minimum or low-wage workers in the Commonwealth is a parent and approximately 180,000 children in Massachusetts have at least one parent who earns under $11.00 per hour. ...

UUA and UUSC call for increase in minimum wage: Renewed campaign for worker justice says ‘stop making workers pay the price for corporate greed'

By Donald E. Skinner
UU World, Jul 24 2013

A national campaign to raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour is getting the renewed support of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee and the Unitarian Universalist Association. Both organizations have long been advocates of an increased minimum wage. On July 18, UUSC President and CEO Bill Schulz and UUA President Peter Morales signed a letter inviting UUs and congregations to join in a growing campaign to raise the minimum wage.

One year on, Occupy movement fights for its survival

By Mitch Potter
Toronto Star, Sep 16 2012
Excerpt: Those who have spent time inside Occupy camps know them as secular. But Rev. Stephen Copley, chairman of Let Justice Roll, a coalition pushing to raise the U.S. minimum wage (currently $7.25/hr), says the ideas of Occupy, if not the language, have entered the faith community.

“When Occupy broke out, it got those of us in the faith community charged up again. It started a conversation that didn’t stop,” said Copley, a Methodist pastor from Arkansas.
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