Minimum wage rising; workers, advocates available for comment from Let Justice Roll

Jul 9 2009
Contact: Betsy Leondar-Wright, Let Justice Roll
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As the July 24 increase in the federal minimum wage to $7.25 approaches, the Let Justice Roll Living Wage Campaign can provide you with workers, advocates, businesspeople and other spokespeople in favor of raising the minimum wage:
  • Low-wage workers who will get a raise on July 24;
  • Business owners who favor raising the minimum wage;
  • Faith leaders who see poverty wages as a moral outrage, including Rev. Paul Sherry;
  • Leaders of current or successful past campaigns to raise the minimum wage in Tennessee, New York, Georgia, Arkansas, Kansas and elsewhere;
  • Minimum wage expert Holly Sklar, author of  "A Just Minimum Wage: Good for Workers, Business and Our Future."
Next week I'll send a press release with quotes from these spokespeople and information on local events spotlighting the minimum wage increase.

At the same time, we will be releasing updated versions of our reports, Raising the Minimum Wage in Hard Times and Policy Points: Raise the Minimum Wage to $10 in 2010.

Meanwhile, more analysis and information about raising the minimum wage is available at our newly relaunched website,

Betsy Leondar-Wright
Let Justice Roll Living Wage Campaign

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