Raise New York's Minimum Wage

May 22 2012

New York’s minimum wage is still stuck at $7.25 an hour – just $15,080 for full-time, year-round work. It is too low for health aides, cashiers, childcare workers, restaurant workers, security guards and other minimum wage workers to make ends meet. It’s impoverishing workers and undermining New York’s economy. New York lags behind 18 states – including neighboring Connecticut and Vermont – that have already raised their minimum wages above $7.25.

A coalition of workers, businesses, faith and community leaders are organizing to support an increase to $8.50, which passed the State Assembly last week. Governor Cuomo and state senators need to hear you want a minimum wage raise now. Below are links to sign-on statements for faith leaders, business people, civil society organizations and the general public. Please sign and circulate widely today. Thank you!

New York State Clergy Sign-On Letter

Business For A Fair Minimum Wage Sign-On Statement

Civil Society Organizations Sign-On Statement

Working Families Party Sign-On Statement

Key Facts on Minimum Wage Bill