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John Schmitt and Janelle Jones
Aug 7 2013 Center for Economic and Policy Research
Most fast food workers are adults with a high school degree or more "which you would never guess from the way the industry pays." Timely new report on fast food pay and workforce composition from the Center for Economic and Policy Research.
Jul 24 2013 Institute for Public Accuracy

Today marks the fourth anniversary of the last increase in the federal minimum wage, on July 24, 2009. ...  Rev. Stephen Copley, Director of the Arkansas Interfaith Alliance...

Donald E. Skinner
Jul 24 2013 UU World

A national campaign to raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour is getting the renewed support of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee and the Unitarian Universalist Association....

Shaya French
Jul 24 2013 Massachusetts Kids Count Blog

When we talk about the minimum wage, the conversation is often about working adults and leaves out the children in Massachusetts who are also being supported on $8.00 an hour. According to the Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center, about one in...

Jul 23 2013 Center for Economic and Policy Research

If the current minimum wage had kept up with inflation since its peak in 1968, the federal minimum wage would now be $10.75 an hour. And if the minimum wage had grown along with workers...

Mar 31 2013 National Employment Law Project and Cry Wolf Project
In her Congressional testimony from 1959, Eleanor Roosevelt noted the repetitive quality of objections raised by minimum wage opponents over the previous five decades. More than 50 years later, it appears that nothing has changed.

Mitch Potter
Sep 16 2012 Toronto Star
Excerpt: Those who have spent time inside Occupy camps know them as secular. But Rev. Stephen Copley, chairman of Let Justice Roll, a coalition pushing to raise the U.S. minimum wage (currently $7.25/hr), says the...
Austin Robertson
Sep 3 2012 Associated Press

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — The minister who heads the Arkansas Interfaith Alliance says concern for the poor should prompt Congress to pass an increase in the minimum wage.

The Rev. Stephen Copley says the current minimum wage of $7.25 an hour...

Tom Watson
Sep 3 2012 Forbes
On Labor Day 1978, I started my first minimum wage job, making $2.65 an hour at the local supermarket stocking shelves and bagging groceries, and driving a battered Buick Skylark to work after school that fall with Darkness on the Edge of Town...
Sep 3 2012 Institute for Public Accuracy
Rev. Stephen Copley, 
Director of the Arkansas Interfaith Alliance and chairman of the national nonpartisan Let Justice Roll Living Wage Coalition, Copley said: “Our motto at Let Justice Roll is ‘A job should keep you out of poverty, not keep...